Web Of Friends

SAAS application to track children’s friendship network

Web of Friends is an easy-to-use tool designed to track children’s friendships, using a sociogram (friendship web), to improve their wellbeing.

Building a SAAS application

Schools in UK needed to analyze certain problems that could be found in children between the age of 10-18, such as lack of diversity, excluded children, quiet children struggling with friendships and breakdowns of friendships to name a few.
The product challenge was that we needed to develop as Saas(Software as a Service )based product that could cater to many schools around UK. The product had to comply with data privacy laws of UK. The product needed features where schools should be able to create multiple user accounts to teachers and school admins.

The final solution

We came with a multi-tenant Saas-based product, where schools were able to create and send out surveys to each student, the system had a stripe payment gateway integrated, and also users of the system were able to generate sociograms based on the survey results.