Extended Engineering Teams that Deliver!!!

Telexar has been working on developing digital products for the past 5 years. Through this experience we have crafted a set of process and structure that would give you the maximum outcome.


During our onboarding process we mainly focus on understanding your business, your vision, your requirements, current process and current technical infrastructure.


Based on your requirements, we at Telexar setup your extended development team that will fit directly into your business.


Once your extended development team is set up and ready, it’s the start of our journey together. Our team will report to your management team and will be working alongside you on your product in line with your product road map journey.

Quality and Reliability

At Telexar we always make sure that all our clients receive the highest quality and the best reliable working experience with us. In order to maintain this all our remote teams are overseen by our project managers and senior technical team so that we always make sure that our whole team is synchronized with our clients, helps us make sure that the team follows the best practices and mitigates all risks and issues quickly. Telexar teams use Agile methodologies (Scrum or Kanban) to incrementally produce software product increments. You have unfettered access to all your extended team members and full transparency into work in progress via real-time collaboration and project management tools such Slack and Jira

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