Trimble Nexala Solutions

Leveraging Offshore Development for Cost Efficiency and Access to Top Talent – Trimble Nexala Solutions and Telexar Technologies


Trimble Nexala Solutions, a global leader in rail asset lifecycle management products, was faced with the challenge of expanding its software development capabilities to keep up with the growing demands of its rail solutions portfolio. To address this need for skilled software developers and to optimize development costs, Trimble Nexala partnered with Telexar Technologies, an offshore development company based in Sri Lanka.


Trimble Nexala Solutions is renowned for its innovative rail solutions, incorporating cutting-edge sensor technologies and custom software to enhance rail infrastructure management and asset lifecycle management. Their products are used by major rail operators worldwide, including freight and passenger rail companies. To maintain its competitive edge, Trimble Nexala required a reliable and skilled development team.

The Challenge

Trimble Nexala initially sought an offshore development team of three developers to assist with software development tasks. They aimed to:
  1. Control Costs: Developing software in countries with a lower cost of living could help Trimble Nexala reduce development expenses.
  2. Access Top Talent: Expanding their talent pool by partnering with an offshore team would allow them to tap into the rich skill set available in Sri Lanka’s technology industry.
  3. Scalability: The ability to scale the team up or down as needed was crucial to accommodate changing project requirements and workloads.

The Telexar Solution

Trimble Nexala chose Telexar Technologies as their offshore development partner for several compelling reasons:
  1. Transparent Process: Telexar provided a transparent and well-structured process for resource allocation. Trimble Nexala’s team had the opportunity to interview and assess the skills of the developers before they were assigned to the project.
  2. Quality Talent Pool: Sri Lanka has a thriving tech community with a pool of highly skilled developers. Telexar’s ability to attract and retain top talent was a significant advantage for Trimble Nexala.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Operating in Sri Lanka allowed Trimble Nexala to significantly reduce development costs without compromising on quality.


The partnership between Trimble Nexala and Telexar Technologies has yielded impressive outcomes:
  1. Team Growth: What began as a small team of three developers has grown steadily in response to Trimble Nexala’s evolving needs. The offshore team’s ability to seamlessly integrate with the in-house team has been instrumental in this growth.
  2. Cost Savings: By leveraging the cost advantages of an offshore team in Sri Lanka, Trimble Nexala has achieved substantial cost savings in software development.
  3. Access to Top Talent: Telexar Technologies has consistently provided skilled and dedicated developers, enriching Trimble Nexala’s software development capabilities.
  4. Cultural Integration: The collaboration between Trimble Nexala’s in-house team and Telexar’s offshore developers has been so effective that it feels like one cohesive team, fostering a strong sense of unity and shared purpose.


The case of Trimble Nexala Solutions and Telexar Technologies highlights the benefits of partnering with offshore development teams in countries like Sri Lanka. This strategic collaboration has allowed Trimble Nexala to control costs, access top talent, and scale their development capabilities seamlessly. The results speak for themselves, as Trimble Nexala continues to thrive in the highly competitive rail solutions market while consistently delivering high-quality products to their customers.