TeenSteert Events Management

The TeenStreet app is the primary tool to keep track of the TeenStreet movement around the world.

If you want to know where to get involved with TeenStreet in Europe, Great Britain, Asia, Africa, Australia, …
Download the app and get connected with all TeenStreet events worldwide. And maybe even join one in the flesh.

TeenStreet is an event organized by OM International.

Developing the mobile app

TeenStreet is an events app that helps users to create events and helps attendees to purchase tickets via the mobile app. They needed to build a mobile app for event attendees to check on events and purchase tickets. This mobile app needed to be intuitive and simple in terms of design.
We had an excellent journey together. There were weekly calls across the two teams to check on the progress.

The final solution

We were able to deliver the mobile app as expected by the client using Flutter and .Net. We had a smooth development journey together since we planned out the whole process well. The two teams sync up very well and were able to deliver on time.