A custom web platform for migration and handling the migration process.

Migrate-o is an innovative Melbourne-based Online Migration Platform that works in a transparent, informative, and efficient way to assist in the process of attaining visas.

Automating the Australian migration process.

Migrateo needed a customized web application that would help in automating the Australian migration process. Their basic idea was to make it easier for migrants to make the application process hassle-free.

Challenging business requirements

As part of the requirements for this web application. A dashboard was needed so that multiple agents could handle as much as many migration processes with any faults. The Australian government keeps changing the migration process from time to time. So, the system should be capable of accommodating all those changes, without any faults.

Scalable solution

The team at Telexar developed a highly scalable web application with an admin dashboard for Migrateo. The customers were given a separate dashboard to handle their individual migration processes while in contact with an agent who connects through the admin dashboard that was developed.