Food delivery application for a healthy meal startup

Foodees is a food ordering platform targeting healthy meals. Telexar was approached to develop and web and mobile application for the food ordering process of Foodees. The mobile application was developed to support both android and ios. A separate admin dashboard was developed in order to manage the food ordering process and delivery process.

Simple order management process

The management at foodees needed an online ordering platform (Web and mobile) to manage their food orders. They also needed a custom dashboard to handle all incoming orders and the delivery process of those orders.

Scalable application to meet the demanding food industry needs

One of the main challenges in this project was to design and develop a solution that could be scalable in the future with the demanding needs of the food industry. The team at Telexar came up with a good architecture pattern to make sure the scalability of the system will be an easy task in the future.

The final solution

The team came up with a mobile-friendly website for the customers and a user-friendly mobile app and a dashboard to handle all the food orders and delivery processes.