Eegai Infinite

Video-on-demand platform

Developing a Student Filmmaker-Centric Streaming Platform

Telexar Technologies collaborated with Eegai Infinite, a UK-based video-on-demand platform focusing on student and independent filmmaker film distribution. The project involved creating a streaming platform that enabled users to purchase tickets to watch films, benefiting both consumers and filmmakers. This case study delves into the technology stack and architecture choices, the development process, and the successful outcomes achieved.


1. Uncharted Territory: Telexar Technologies faced the challenge of venturing into a new domain with limited prior experience in streaming platforms. The project’s success depended on choosing the right architecture and technology stack to ensure scalability, reliability, and a seamless user experience.
2. Technology Selection: Selecting the appropriate technology stack was crucial to building a robust platform. It required a careful balance between backend and frontend technologies that could seamlessly work together and integrate with the hosting environment.

Technology Stack and Architecture

1. Backend: .NET Core After careful evaluation, Telexar Technologies opted for the .NET Core framework for the backend. The decision was based on several factors including:
  • Familiarity and Expertise: The team possessed strong expertise in .NET technologies, minimizing the learning curve and accelerating development.
  • Scalability: .NET Core offered scalability features, allowing the platform to handle increased traffic and content consumption.
  • Security: .NET Core’s security features aligned with the platform’s need to safeguard user data and transactions.
2. Frontend: React & Next.js For the frontend development, React.js combined with Next.js was chosen. The rationale behind this decision included:
  • Performance: React’s virtual DOM and Next.js’s server-side rendering enhanced platform performance, delivering a smooth and responsive user experience.
  • Modularity: React’s component-based structure facilitated modular development and maintenance.
  • SEO Optimization: Next.js’s server-side rendering contributed to improved search engine optimization (SEO).
3. Hosting: Azure To ensure a reliable and scalable hosting environment, Telexar Technologies utilized Microsoft Azure. Azure provided the necessary infrastructure and services to deploy and manage the streaming platform efficiently. This choice aligned with the client’s objectives and contributed to the platform’s stability.

Development Process

The project followed an Agile development approach, enabling iterative and adaptive development. The process included the following key steps:
  • Requirement Gathering: A discovery call with Eegai Infinite helped define project requirements and objectives.
  • UI Design: Initial UI designs were created, providing a visual representation of the platform’s interface and functionalities.
  • Technology Selection: After evaluating various options, the technology stack was finalized (ASP.NET Core, React, Next.js, and Azure).
  • Sprint Development: The development process was divided into sprints, with regular communication between the development team and the client.
  • Client Involvement: Sprint calls involving the client ensured their continuous feedback and input, fostering a collaborative development environment.
  • Communication and Deadlines: Open and transparent communication channels were maintained to track progress and meet deadlines effectively.

Outcomes and Recognition:

The collaboration between Telexar Technologies and Eegai Infinite resulted in a successful streaming platform catering to student and independent filmmaker needs. The platform received positive feedback from users and filmmakers alike. Additionally, the project’s success led to its selection for the Microsoft for Startups program, further validating the quality and innovation of the product.


Telexar Technologies’ adept handling of challenges, strategic technology choices, and Agile development methodology played pivotal roles in the creation of a thriving streaming platform. By addressing client needs, embracing technological innovation, and fostering effective communication, the project achieved its goals and earned recognition in the industry. The collaboration between Telexar Technologies and Eegai Infinite stands as a testament to the power of synergy and expertise in delivering impactful solutions.